What is D4SG?

Data for Social Good is a weekend hackathon to promote social good through technology and computer science, drive sustained innovation, and crowdsource solutions to address pressing real-life business problems and social issues.

When: Friday 29th April 2022 to Sunday 1st of May 2022

Where: 107 Projects, Joynton Avenue, Zetland, Sydney NSW

We are bringing together 120+ passionate and innovative technologists to design and pitch data-driven solutions that address specific challenges facing industry today.

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The Hackathon

Data analysts/ scientists/programmers, management consultants, marketing professionals, design/creative professionals, PR/Comms professionals and students will collaborate in teams of five on a challenge in one of the industries below.

Commencing on the Friday evening with meeting and greeting, networking, team building, strategising and informing sessions, the weekend program will offer workshops, mentoring, keynote speakers, recruitment opportunities, fun activities, and 1-on-1 deep-dive discussions between the teams and industry executives on the problems to be solved.

After final presentations to the judges, the weekend will culminate on the Sunday night with a VIPost-Party - an exclusive, invite-only gathering of our top-tier sponsors, movers and shakers, and special guests to award the prizes to the top teams.

D4SG aims to set a new standard of hackathon engagement and networking to drive best outcomes for all participants and sponsors.


DSAi have identified projects that address social injustices or global issues across industry sectors with environmental conservation/climate-based vulnerability, social welfare and science communication as the pillars currently effecting Australian industries.

government / defence
smart cities
supply chain / logistics
disaster management and relief

Connect.  Inspire.  Join.


Are you a ...

•  data analyst  •  data scientist •  data programmer •  management consultant •  marketing professional •  design/creative professional •  or a student in any of these fields?

Why should you join a team at the D4SG Hackathon?

  • Great learning opportunity
  • Great management and team dynamics
  • New career choices
  • Networking with relevant people
  • A step towards entrepreneurship
  • Showcase your skills
  • Feel great about using data for social good
  • Learn more about your field
  • Share ideas
  • Challenge yourself
  • Collaborate with a team to design and pitch data driven solutions
  • Show leadership
  • Meet influential leaders in your field of interest and expertise
  • Hear interesting talks
  • Find a mentor
  • Participate in interactive workshops
  • Prize money, endorsement, prestige, recognition!

Projects will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Technicality
  • Originality
  • Functionality
  • Creativity
  • Presentability
  • Wow Factor

A $12 000 prize pool and additional prizes will be allocated to the following awards:

  • Best Overall Solution
  • Best Data Viz
  • Best Design/User Experience
  • Best Project Presentation
  • Most Creative Marketing Strategy
  • Most Effective PR Strategy


Hackathons have clear advantages over traditional innovation management processes.

Hackathons are inclusive, agile, promote multidisciplinary collaboration, and have shorter innovation cycles that are better suited to addressing fast-changing consumer demands.

Why should you Partner the D4SG Hackathon?

  • Crowd source solutions to address your organisation's real-life business problems
  • Promote social good through supporting technology and computer science
  • Generate a diverse set of quality ideas
  • Enable customer-focused innovation and engagement
  • Build community, brand and leadership
  • Accelerate speed of innovation cycle and problem solving
  • Incur lesser costs compared to traditional innovation models
  • Move ideas to prototypes in just a few days
  • Encourage more diversity in tech
  • Find excellent talent and recruit interns and full-time employees
  • Get real-time feedback on your products
  • Demonstrate the impactful work of your technology
  • Reward innovative thinking
  • Promote your organisation through workshops, mentors and keynote speakers
  • Be recognised for committing to data for social good


To be announced soon.

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