The following problems are examples of what we could solve. These will be refined as we get closer to the hackathon.

Government / Defence

Given a roleplaying game for humanitarian aid, how do we build or enhance challenger and assistant AI models to test different scenarios and improve mission planning?


Creating greener developments : How can governments and property developers work together to create more environmentally sustainable new developments?

Creating social housing : How can governments and property developers work together to create more social housing?


Carbon footprint (temperature score) of investment products : How can investment managers maintain risk profiles (returns) while reducing the carbon footprint of investments?


Moving towards net-zero footprint: How can the energy industry move towards providing affordable renewable energy to the public? Currently, renewable energy attracts a premium, so how can this be improved to overcome the cost hurdles?


Ethical sourcing: How can retail brands become better at sourcing ethical products and services and do so without seeing huge increases in costs passed on to end-customers?


How can mining companies better allocate resources to regional communities?

What automation opportunities are available for mining companies, especially with regard to clean energy sources? How is risk, safety, and productivity improved with the innovation?

Smart Cities

How do we utilise multiple datasets to make intelligent decisions for: planning locations for hospitals/schools, managing traffic flow, managing citizen administrative tasks/licenses, and monitoring safety and air quality, of a smart city?

Supply Chain / Logistics

How can we enhance warehouse logistics using streamlined data-driven solutions incorporating freight, transportation and other logistic operations? This may include real-time dashboards and reports as well as alerts and other smart order processing techniques.

Disaster Management and Relief

How can public and private sectors incorporate IoT to build a decision making framework for disaster management and relief? Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are a key challenge for implementation.

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